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企业简介(中文)       上海新联纺进出口有限公司创建于一九八五年二月,是集科工贸技为一体的工贸公司。公司注册资本为15775万元,资产总额达15亿元,年进出口总额为1.5亿美元、在全国最大500家进出口企业中名列第119位。公司自1994年以来连续数年荣获上海市人民政府颁发的出口创汇"状元奖"和第一、二、三等奖。 2000年5月,公司通过了ISO9002的国际质量标准,建立了"以科学的管理,优良的产品,优质的服务来兑现对客户的承诺"的质量方针,在美国、加拿大、南美洲、澳大利亚、欧洲、日本和东南亚等45个国家和地区,与200多个客户建立了长期稳定的贸易往来,并在美国纽约、日本大阪、中东迪拜和香港地区设立海外公司,公司注册的"新联"和"NUTEX"商标在海内外享有盛誉。 公司以国际市场为导向,建立了一批跨地区,跨行业的合作企业和定点生产基地,构成完整的生产供货体系。目前,公司拥有核心工厂20家,有当代先进的箭杆织机460余台及其配套的染纱,整理设备,加上先进的服装流水线,为市场提供高档的面料和服装,另外公司还拥有一所科研所和一所职工大学,能独立开发适应市场的各种色织中、高档产品,独立培养满足内外贸经营需要的中高级人才。 公司的发展一直得到上级领导的关爱,使公司在探索工贸结合的对外贸易发展中不断开拓进取,按照现代企业制度的要求致力于建设成一个多元投资主体的企业集团。公司的战略目标是--全国工贸企业出口"小巨人"和"色织王国"。
企业简介(英文)       Shanghai New Union Textra Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. was established in Feb.1985. It is a foreign trade Co. combining science with industry and trade into one. Company‘s total assets amounts to RMB 1.5 billion yuan, registered capital RMB157.75 million yuan and exported USD 150 million yuan per year, it listed as 119 of the 500strongest import and export enterprises. It is rewarded continuously the First or the Second or the Third Award for export and earn foreign currency, issued by Shanghai Municipal Government. Since May.2000, we have acquired ISO9002 international quality criterion certificate, and set a motto as "to honor our promise to customers with scientific management, quality products and best service." The Co. has set up stable trade relations with more than 200 customers in more than 45 countries and regions, such as USA. Canada, South America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Co. has set up overseas offices in New York, USA; Osaka, Japan; Dubai, Mid-east and Hong Kong. The Company owns registered trade mark of "New Union" brand and "NUTEX" which enjoying good reputation on the market both at home and abroad. The company has set up a batch of cooperating enterprises and fixed-production bases of trans-regions and trans-industries thus formed a complete products supply system. At present, the company has 20 factories as its core, equipped with advanced repier looms 460 odd sets, and other equipments such as yarn dyeing and product finishing machines. The advanced garment production line can supply high-grade fabrics and garment. Besides all these, the company has also one scientific research institute and one staff university, therefore, the company can develop independently medium and high grade varieties of yarn-dyed fabrics, and self cultivate medium and high grade talented people for domestic and international trade. The company has always been under the care of the various grades of leaders, and is encouraged to explore in the field of combining industry and trade. With the aim to building it into a multi-invested enterprise group, according to the requirement of modern enterprise system. The strategic aim of the company is: the "small" huge company of industrial-trading enterprise of the country and "kingdom of yarn dyed fabrics."
企业中文名称   上海新联纺进出口有限公司 企业英文名称   SHANGHAI NEW UNION TEXTRA IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD.
中文详细地址   上海市禺园路1341号D302室 英文详细地址   NO.1341, YU YUAN ROAD,SHANGHAI
企业法人   黄勤(董事长) 注册资本   (万元)
企业人数   10位海关编码  
联系人   诸葛薇琦 13位进出口企业编码  
联系电话   62526720 企业网址     www.SH-NUTEX.COM
邮政编码   200050 电子邮件    
传真   62526775  
企业名称     上海新联纺进出口有限公司 信用评价等级     AAA
证书编号     201202911100005 发证单位     中国纺织品进出口商会
颁发日期     2012/3/31 0:00:00 有效期至     2015/3/30 0:00:00