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企业简介(中文)       苏州恒润进出口有限公司是由原苏州市纺织品进出口公司于2000年整体改制建立的,注册资金8000万元,净资产额11187万元。2005年公司进出口总额28587万美元,其中出口25773万美元;完成销售193005万元,实现利润3520万元。 2005年公司在全国服装出口企业排名中列第25位。 公司主要经营纺织面料、梭织服装、毛针织品、棉针织品和家用纺织装饰用品等商品的进出口业务,并兼营轻工、工艺、五矿、化工、医药保健等类别商品的进出口业务,在国际上形成了较全面的销售网络。公司现有自主服装品牌"艾蔻"(A-CCO),在法国、德国、意大利、瑞士和西班牙、奥地利、俄罗斯、越南、波兰及荷比卢等国进行了注册,并被评为"2005-2006"年度江苏省重点培育和发展的出口名牌。公司在香港、日本及上海、南京均设有分公司,公司投资的苏州恒润服饰有限公司现有针织服装、梭织服装和丝绸服装生产厂四家和一个服装设计打样中心。为了适应市场经济发展,拓宽经营范围,提高企业整体实力,积极开展资本、资产经营并取得了良好的经济效益。
企业简介(英文)       SUZHOU HENGRUN IMPORT & EXPORT CORP., LTD. was founded on the basis of the reorganization of its predecessor - Suzhou Textiles Import & Export Co. - which was set up in 1978 as a trade company of textile products and has become one of the 500 Largest Foreign Trade Enterprises in China since 1991. The turnover of year 2000 reaches 12595 U.S.Dollars, including 11843 U.S.Dollars of export. HENGRUN mainly handles the import and export of piece goods, garments, woolen/cotton knitwear and hometextile, etc., as well as the foreign trade of light-industry products, arts and crafts, chemicals, minerals, and medical products. It has established good business relationship with several hundred of clients in over 50 countries and regions in the world. Meanwhile, in order to enhance its strength to meet the requirements of development of the market, HENGRUN has broadened its business scope by successfully carrying on capital investment and assets operating. The Corp. has 11 sales departments and branches in Shanghai, Hongkong, Japan, and USA, as well as several JVCs and factories, among which Suzhou Hengrun Garments Co. Ltd., wholly invested by the Corp., covers 50 Mu of land and over 10000 m2 of construction area for garments production. HENGRUN has been awarded the Certificate of ISO9001:2000 for Quality Management Authentication by the China Quality Certification Centre for Import & Export and BM TRADA Certification, which indicates the improvement of management of its business activities. The staff of HENGRUN, which is competent and energetic, works in a way of honesty, practicality, efficiency and creativity. It will continue to highly cherish the principles of "Most Efficient Service", "Best Quality" and "Excellent Reputation". HENGRUN is looking forward to cooperating with all customers, new and old, home and abroad, in order to bring a prosperous future to both parties of the cooperation.
企业中文名称   苏州恒润进出口有限公司 企业英文名称   SUZHOU HENGRUN I/E CO.,LTD.
中文详细地址   苏州市吴中区澄湖路888号 英文详细地址  
企业法人   王润德 注册资本   (万元)
企业人数   10位海关编码  
联系人   吴晓骏 13位进出口企业编码  
联系电话   65292488 企业网址     hengrunchina.com
邮政编码   215168 电子邮件    
传真   65293833  
企业名称     苏州恒润进出口有限公司 信用评价等级     AAA
证书编号     201502911100004 发证单位     中国纺织品进出口商会
颁发日期     2015/12/31 0:00:00 有效期至     2018/12/30 0:00:00